POS system skills are in high demand.

The retail landscape is always in a state of flux, especially when it comes to employee turnover. With a seasonal and younger workforce, it would seem like a skill set near the top of the 2013 in-demand list would not come from this sector. However, recent innovations have made the retail world more important.

Recently, LinkedIn released a list of the top 25 most in-demand skills from 2013. This was compiled following an examination of the social media sites of 259 million users, taking into account their skill sets and employment history, as well as examining what recruiters are searching for.

Unsurprisingly, the list is filled with technology skills and buzzwords, including those related to social media and cloud computing. However, coming in at number ten is the need for an employee who understands retail payment and information systems.

It is easy to see why this could be the case with the way that POS equipment is evolving. Many merchants can easily find themselves overwhelmed when they think about upgrading their cash register or sales reporting system. On top of that, with innovations like e-commerce, mobile integration and NFC gaining a foothold in the payment sector, the cash wrap is looking much different than it used to. Infrastructure and software solutions have also evolved to meet these challenges.

All of these operations can also be integrated into a single point of sale and inventory system. By partnering with a retail solution provider like Visual Retail Plus businesses can find the right technology, and gain a hand in training the staff to use it, as well as provide customer service and support as needed. Please contact us for an opportunity to experience