More restaurants are putting ordering into the hands of customers with tablets.

Many retailers and restaurant owners have been looking for different ways to improve the customer experience. One strategy that many organizations have implemented involves a self-service checkout line. Organizations like Walmart, Home Depot, and Stop and Shop have self-checkout lines that are popular with consumers, and now some restaurants are taking steps toward replacing servers with tablet based ordering systems at the table.

According to an article from Forbes, Applebee’s is the latest eatery to implement tablet technology into their point of sale systems. Announced this week, the company will be adding 100,000 Intel and Android-based tablets to the tables of 1,860 U.S. locations. This could become the largest tablet deployment by a single organization.

The devices, which are bolted to the table, will allow patrons to place orders for food and drink, play video games and access other digital media, and pay the check without needing assistance from a server.

“The device puts control of the restaurant experience in the hands of our guests,” said Mike Archer, president at Applebee’s. “Speed of payment is the first thing that guests will notice.”

Archer went on to say that this large-scale adoption has come following several years of testing different solutions. The primary feature that has been a part of each version is the ease of payment options. The system is far from being complete as feedback is encouraged from customers and deeper integration with the brand’s menus and content is expected. On top of that, future deals could be struck that would increase the amount of video games and other content that is on the device.

While businesses are hoping this will create a new revenue stream as users pay for games, music and video, they cannot overlook the importance of integrating it with the standard POS equipment and software solutions.

While customers may want to visit a business that allows them to order and pay quickly, if the orders are wrong, payment isn’t handled properly or inventory levels go untracked, leading to consumer issues, guests will not return.

The point of sale system is the heart of any retail or restaurant business. Any device that is added to help speed up the process needs to be integrated successfully if business owners want the latest technology to work properly. With the help of a retail solution provider that specializes in tech innovations and POS software, any organization can start thinking outside the box. With Visual Retail Plus your POS system offers everything you need for your business. Be sure and ask about our free demo!