In the “good old days” the business world used to work like this: The town square held the majority of the retailers in a given area. Unless you wanted to travel the selection was limited. The choices were limited but the service was always something that could be counted on. Customers established a relationship with the retailer in simpler times, even if that relationship was less than cordial. These days the customer/retailer relationship can almost be described as non existent. We as customers tend to shy away from building relationships with the retailers we frequent. I mean how many us know the name of the butcher at the supermarket that cuts our meat? Assuming, of course that the butcher is actually onsite and not in a remote location three states away. In the world of retail today, as well as information in general, the selection is much greater. In order to find an authentic pair of chopsticks from Japan in 1980 you would need to search for a retailer that sold them or hop on a plane bound for Tokyo. Today those things are nothing more than a click away.


Tower Records

Take for instance the Tower Records store on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, it was an iconic destination for those that desired records that might not be found elsewhere. Now, Tower Records were in every mall in America at the end of the last century, but none had the allure that the one on Sunset did. At any given time, a famous rock star or actor could walk through the door. The selection was the epitome of cool and it held an air of community. When you walked into the Tower Records on Sunset, you felt like you were a part of something, like you were cool and like you belonged. It was the loyalty that was inspired as much by the product as by the mythology behind the store. Ultimately Tower Records closed their store on Sunset and in many of the decaying malls around the country.


Today, loyalty comes in a different form, and loyalty programs are almost essential. It is estimated that over 70 percent of consumers belong to at least five loyalty programs. What does this mean for your retail operation? Implementing a loyalty program is no easy task, and utilizing a point of sale system like Visual Retail Plus can make documentation and integration a snap. Let’s say, for instance, that you decide to hold a super secret sale at your location. Our POS system can help you reach the ideal customers for your sale. It can make sure you have adequate inventory, staffing and even adjust prices in your entire system, regardless of how many locations that you have. We offer a simple, streamlined way to reach the your core demographic, of the over 300 million potential customers out there. Whether you have a small independent record store, or a chain of mattress retailers that represent nationwide, Visual Retail Plus is your answer for cloud reporting, POS, E-commerce integration and much more. Schedule a demo today and start effectively reaching your customers.