The retail landscape is growing stronger.

Coming up later this month in Las Vegas is the International Council of Shopping Centers’ (ICSC) RECon show. More than 35,000 attendees will attend the May 18-20 event, which will consist of multiple vendors, seminars and exhibits that highlight the present and future of the industry.

A recent article from features an extensive interview with Mike Kercheval, ICSC’s president and CEO. During the conversation he touched on the retail landscape and any major game changing shifts that could be on the horizon. The most interesting takeaway is what he believes will be biggest talking point following the event.

“The strength of the industry. During the recession, people were still buying groceries and they were still eating, of course,” Kercheval said. “But they became far more economical and shifted down to more value areas, and the Costcos and Dollar Stores started doing very well. On the high end, frankly, a new concept emerged…inconspicuous consumption. People were still shopping at Tiffany’s but they were asking for brown paper bags.”

He went on to talk about the growing impact of e-commerce and how for brick-and-mortar locations to be successful in the years to come, they will need to start adopting the omni-channel approach. This means not only being comfortable with these platforms, but also being sure to adopt solutions that will help incorporate these systems into a single platform.

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