The payment industry is gearing up for major changes.

Merchants are well aware of the importance of having a well oiled machine for a point of sale (POS) system. However, there are a number of different organizations that are holding back from upgrading for a number reasons. Some are valid, but many are not. On top of that, the current landscape of payment solutions and POS software is evolving at a rapid pace that could leave some merchants in the dust.

Recently, PayPal released a white paper that examined the evolution of the POS system and why it is time for merchants to step up and embrace new solution. According to Scott Ellison, PayPal’s senior director of corporate strategy and the author of the report, the current landscape is changing and could be heading in some interesting directions.

“POS is poised to undergo profound transformation in the next several years, due to the intertwined drivers of mobile device and sensor proliferation, the transition of back-office systems to the cloud, the emergence of new customer and merchant experiences that will be created by developers, and the resulting rapid changes in consumer behavior,” Ellison said.

He went on to say that this industry shift is being pushed by mobile devices, in-store sensors that track consumers data and the changing of customer attitudes. An integrated in-store system can help merchants take their operations into a new level.

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