Maintaining security, both within the point of sale system and along the other parts of the retail chain, is essential.

What is the most important feature of your business’ point of sale system? Although administrative tasks, inventory tracking and purchase orders are crucial, security should remain at the forefront

Some of the most common, “smaller” security issues that a POS may face include default passwords, faulty remote access methods and administrative loopholes. Regarding larger issues, new strains of malware are being found each day, often more deceptive and dangerous than their predecessors. As POS systems change their interfaces and security capabilities to protect against malware, management should keep the following information in mind as well.

Recent research conducted by Symantec found that five of every six large companies were hit with a range of malware attacks during 2014. In addition, nearly 1 million new pieces of malware were released onto the internet every day in 2014.

How should your point of sale system protect against ever-increasing cyber threats?

  • Focus on detection and recovery: No matter how many steps are taken for securing business and customer data, some risks may not be avoidable. By running regular security checks, detection can be increased. The sooner a breach is found, the quicker it can be resolved.
  • Monitor security in every aspect of the business: Your point of sale system may be the best out there, but how secure are your third-party vendors or the usual supply chain? Security must be kept in mind throughout every aspect of the retail process, especially where other information is kept.
  • Update the system: As security breaches change all the time, ensure your system is up to date and ready to tackle the latest issue. Visual Retail Plus is constantly making changes to its system to ensure its customers are protected and satisfied.

Although security is vital, don’t let it overshadow the rest of your business. By training employees on threats and ensuring teams are created to combat risks, real security can be maintained. Learn more on our website.