Integrating e-commerce is key to business success.

When merchants look at what the future of consumer interaction could be, one facet that continues to show up is e-commerce. However, the use of a website to sell goods is far more complicated than it seems and there are a number of aspects that need to be optimized for a retailer to be successful at it.

One blog post from Evosite, a company that designs e-commerce websites, spoke about the use of live chats on a website that would allow consumers to speak with a sales associate over the computer. This would happen by having a pop-up window appear that asks consumers if they need help.

While it is a little intrusive, the argument is that it would improve conversion rates as many consumers use online shopping as a way to keep track of when new items become available or to compare prices and features.

This is only one of the many ways that businesses can look to integrate the worlds of e-commerce and brick-and-mortar locations. Another, and arguably the most important way, is with the use of a point of sale software system that combines these two worlds. This allows merchants to have an online, point of sale and inventory system that tracks numbers in real time.

Integrating the two systems—e-commerce and physical locations—is something that many merchants need. However, the systems are still in their infancy, which is why the support of a retail solutions provider like Visual Retail Plus, which has been on the cutting edge of these solutions, is critical for organizations to stay ahead of the curve. Please contact us for more information about our POS for retail system and ask how you can get a free download of our exclusive demo.