A minor league baseball team improved the fan experience with a new POS system.

Recently, the Joliet Slammers, a minor league baseball team in Illinois, was featured in a case study that focused on their upgrades to its POS systems. Tom Fremarek, who took over as the director of food and beverage for the organization in the offseason, examined the main customer service complaints, and found that transaction times were a major problem.

The manual cash register and credit card machines were causing processing times to take nearly a minute, which caused frustration as fans were waiting in line instead of watching the game. This led to a $25,000 investment in POS hardware, software and infrastructure. A total of 19 new terminals were installed and transaction times were reduced to only a few seconds.

There was also another benefit that the Fremarek found, an improved inventory reporting system. Planning for nearly 6,000 people on a nightly basis can be challenging, but the new system provided more in depth data and analysis, allowing for smarter decisions to be made. Now he can see trends in real-time and make sure that no products are being wasted.

“Having this breakdown of information has really cut out food waste,” Fremarek said. “Using the Probability Accounting Reports chart, we went from over-preparing and wasting close to 200 hot dogs per night to just recently only wasting one hot dog at the end of a game.”

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