Technology is helping push in-store customer engagement.

For the retail world, the influence of the latest technology is becoming more apparent. Very few merchants rely on tech from 1995, and with good reason. Over the last few years, the IT landscape has exploded and retail decision makers have more options than ever before.

A recent article from Forrester Research introduced a new study by the company about the retail sector. The focus is on how the latest technology can be used to help drive in-store customer engagement.

“Currently, myriad solutions exist — as one start-up vendor told me, ‘there are so many new technologies out there, it’s hard for buyers to decide where to place their bets, so we just try to get our products into trial to prove the value,'” the article reads.

The piece goes on to examine several specific technologies that are going to help drive up traffic in the physical store. This includes:

  • Hyper-local sensors like the iBeacon that can provide product information to a smartphone or tablet
  • Targeted specials based on facial recognition and feelings
  • Interactive apps that help customer track inventory levels or provide augmented reality
  • Wearable devices that employees can use to find information like Google Glass.

While the report focuses mainly on hardware, software solutions are also going to be playing a major role in the new age of retail. A point of sale software with inventory reporting and integrated e-commerce solution can help organizations improve their overall operations while also helping the customer experience when they walk through the door.  To experience the most complete POS software out there please contact Visual Retail Plus for more information and an exclusive demo of our platform.