Technovation has developed showrooms built to mimic environments where POS systems will actually be used, such as hotel lobbies and retail spaces.

Yesterday Small Business Trends reported that a new company called Technovation Solutions, located in Las Vegas, is transforming how companies explore new business technology. The company creates a floor space that mimics the layout of specific businesses, offering showcase replications of office lobbies, hotel rooms and retail spaces. Point of sale systems are integrated into the space so customers can have an idea of what such programs would look like in use, and how they might work in conjunction with other systems.

The idea behind this new selling strategy is that it places the focus on what a company’s clients will actually experience as they move through a given space. Peg McGregor, CEO of Technovation Solutions, says of the company’s novel approach, “Our layout showcases very ‘real life’ lobbies, guest suites, and food and beverage areas, to set us apart from others who have more traditional EBCs (executive business centers). Our primary focus is not the technology, but rather the integrated solution providing the best customer experience.”

Companies are no longer thinking about technological solutions as programs with a single purpose, but are rather approaching business with a more holistic sense. The hope is that such a change will increase efficiency and improve user experience for both employees and customers.

Small Business Bonfire recommends not only considering fully integrated tools for your business but also doing thorough research before making any sort of purchase, especially making sure that programs offer thorough IT support, training and updates, all of which are oft-forgotten aspects crucial for small businesses.

Experts also warn companies not to fall in love with equipment merely because it is part of a recent fad, as the most stylish option is sometimes not the most reliable one. And when it comes to POS systems, which are used on a daily basis by both employees and customers, reliability is key.