Technology will be revolutionizing the POS system.

The cash register is a focal point of nearly every retail business. However, it has changed from an essentially being a large calculator and safe to become a complete business operations tool.

A report from Retail Info Systems News covered a current two-year-project by national grocery store chain Whole Foods. The company is in the process of updating its POS system into a unified solution that will bring a number of business processes under one umbrella.

The new solution will bring systems that focus on e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, social media, and mobile into one centralized location. It will also help support the new “click and collect” online shopping option that allows users to select items to purchase on a computer and pick them up in the store later, as well as a same day delivery service that is being piloted.

According to co-CEO Walter Robb, who is interviewed in the piece, the future of the cash register lies in a pairing between retail and technology. The next five years will feature more innovations than the POS market has seen in the past 100 years. The first step to doing this is by upgrading the point of sale system.

“There’s limitations to e-commerce only, and limitations to brick-and-mortar only,” Robb said. “The retailers that have successfully combined their ability to do both are going to be the ones that are winners.”

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