When people head out to shop, whether it’s for clothes, furniture, or a canoe, they expect to be able to easily find what they need, find someone when they have questions, and check out quickly. Shopping can be fun for some, but for others it’s a chore — the busy parking lots, expensive prices, and complications at checkout. For business owners, because the success of their company is dependant on all shoppers who come into the store, they should be focusing on providing service that meets and exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Providing exceptional customer service isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, though. When there is so much competition in the retail space, both online and at brick-and-mortar stores, each company needs to provide their customers with a product or service that sets them apart. So, when your company offers women’s clothing and sits next to three other stores offering the same thing, how can you make sure that your customer service is better than the rest?

At Visual Retail Plus, we offer our clients an intuitive point of sale system for retail stores with physical locations as well as e-commerce stores. Equipped with various features and functions, our POS software can help you provide quick and efficient customer service no matter what you’re selling or where you are located. From inventory management, point of sale functions, purchase orders, time and attendance features, and CRM software, VRP offers an all-in-one retail POS that can you rely on. Get in touch with our team today for a demo.

How to Increase Your Customer Service

Make a Good First Impression

Customers are looking for a great experience from the moment they walk in your door, so it’s a must that you make a good first impression. For many retailers, it’s a fine line between not greeting a customer at all and being too pushy, and making the customer feel like they are being ambushed. Try to find that midpoint, where an employee greets a customer and shows them that there is an employee there to help if they need it. Employees should let a customer know their name, tell them about specials they are offering at the time, and then let them shop! Make sure that a customer knows that their needs are being put first.

Hire Quality Employees

Your employees are the face of your business, they are the first and last people to interact with your customers. When you are hiring for your company, you don’t want just anyone to manage your store, especially if the job entails educating the customer on the benefits and other details of your product. If you own a jewelry store, for example, your employees should have in-depth knowledge of the quality of diamonds, precious metals and stones, how to maintain high-end jewelry, and more. In addition to knowledgeable employees, you also want to make sure that they are capable of making a customer feel comfortable and engaged. When a customer is at ease talking to an employee, they are more likely to ask questions about a product and to rely on that employee for information and service, leading to a higher chance of a sale.

Employee Training

Making sure that your store is staffed with quality employees doesn’t stop after the first two weeks to a month of training. Employees who are great at what they do will receive continuous training throughout their career at your store. Implement monthly department trainings that dive into what good customer service means, how to engage with customers, and more. If your product, the technology, or prices change frequently, be sure to also train them often so that they are always up-to-date and can inform the customer of any new updates.

Consider Body Language

Body language is in itself a way for people to communicate with each other. Employees should be aware of their body language when talking to a customer, and employees should also be aware of what the customer’s body language is telling them. An employee should try to avoid crossing their arms, sighing, fidgeting, and turning their back. These could all be signs that they are frustrated, busy, disinterested, or can give off an impersonal feeling, possibly making the customer feel unwelcome. Employees should try to make eye contact, smile, offer a handshake, consider the customer’s personal space, and keep their body open to the customer. This will help them feel at ease and can ensure that the whole interaction is comfortable.

Understand Buyer Habits

Understanding how a customer shops, their habits, and their likes and dislikes, can make a significant impact on how you provide them with customer service. Simply the layout of your store can impact how long they stay, how they travel throughout the store, and what products they interact with. When you understand how customers walk through your store, you can strategically place sale signs, top-performing products, or even products that are having a hard time selling.

Understanding buyer habits can also mean knowing what a specific customer has purchased in the past. At Visual Retail Plus, our point of sale system for retail stores tracks previous purchases, providing an excellent opportunity to give that customer exactly what they are looking for, or to provide recommendations based on previous purchases.

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Improve Your Speed

Whether it’s an employee greeting customers at the door, making sure they can find what they are looking for, or if it’s more efficient checkout lanes, many customers know that they want to get what they came for and get out. Our POS system offers several functions that can speed up the checkout process, including product searches for items without tags. Even when a customer does enjoy taking their time shopping, when it’s time to check out, they don’t want to wait for a customer in front of them with a complicated purchase. Make the process as convenient and quick as possible with an intuitive POS software.

Rewards Your Regulars

When customers have a reason to come back to your store, they will! Create an environment at your store where they feel special. By offering a certain percentage or dollar amount off of their next purchase based on how much they spent on the last trip, it’s more likely that they will come back! While coupons or discounts are a wonderful way of saying “thank you” to regular customers, it’s also a method of ensuring they come back and will spend more. Your customers will simply think that they are being offered a unique discount. At VRP, our point of sale system makes it easy to manage who your regular shoppers are and can print coupons based on previous purchases, making their experience personal.

Visual Retail Plus is passionate about creating the best possible shopping experience for your customers while also increasing your business’s bottom line. Our POS software offers the tools you need to get the job done. For a free demo of our point of sale system, get in touch with VRP today.