Valentine’s Day brings sales spikes to several businesses.

Love is in the air because it’s Valentine’s Day. While some will argue it is just a corporate holiday to sell merchandise, others have fully embraced it and see it as the time of year where you can truly show the person that has to put up with you for 365 days a year how much they mean to you.

It has also become one of the major shopping days of the year. According to the National Retail Federation, $17.3 billion will be spent just on things for Valentine’s Day. This includes money on flowers, chocolate, cards and jewelry. The flower industry alone triples its output when compared to a normal day.

An article from the Worcester Telegram profiled several small local businesses that experience spikes during this time of year. One of them was Green Mountain Chocolates, which makes its own chocolate and creates concoctions like chocolate covered potato chips, Twinkies and Devil Dogs. They also offer a gift registry where a significant other can fill out which of these creations they would like to make the shopping easier.

“Valentine’s Day is definitely the top two single-day sales: on the day before and the day of, unless we have a snowstorm,” William Campbell, the owner, told the news source. “It’s two days of craziness.”

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