No POS software records or analyzes data as efficiently or effectively as Visual Retail Plus.

Visual Retail Plus is your company’s best option for point of sale computer systems.

It’s no longer enough for POS systems to just handle company transactions. With the new importance of big data and informational analytics it is becoming highly necessary for companies to adopt technological systems that allow them to record and digest many factors at once. The ability to do so can affect not only a company’s efficiency, but also its sales numbers and revenue.

For example, Visual Retail Plus software has full inventory management capability, so with every transaction the product sold is recorded. This allows managers to check the numbers of sold items against the merchandise left in stock to confirm the accuracy of accounts. The inventory managing software can also suggest matching items to the customer, tailoring the company’s products to the customer’s specific tastes and also encouraging impulse buys that will drive business sales.

The software can also put together gift packages, search for stock according to many different filters, and remind employees of promotions going on in-store that they should be pushing.

Another function of POS systems like Visual Retail Plus is to record employee statistics and information, such as who made what sale on what register. This gives employers an unheard-of amount of control over and insight into the company and allows managers to strategize according to the data gathered.

Visual Retail Plus can integrate many different stores and POS terminals into one system for easy and efficient use, its technology allows this information to be remotely accessed from any device.

Never before has your company’s data been so accessible, complete, or secure.

One customer raves, “Without any doubts, Visual Retail Plus is the software to go with. I have worked with them before, and knew that they can be trusted both for excellent software and a reliable support team to assist and be there for me at all times. All in all, Visual Retail Plus is user-friendly. The tech support staff is always on top of things and are knowledgeable, and the installation was smooth and completed within a day.”