Point of sale systems are more than just security based.

If your company utilizes a point of sale system for every day use, it is not enough to just have it and never update it. Updating your POS system is vital for a range of reasons including:

  • Better communication: A POS system in a retail environment should create seamless communication between employees. Missing a sale will cost you money and potential customer loyalty.
  • Faster transactions: When a system is using the latest software, security and functions, chances are time spent waiting in line and for inventory orders to come through will decrease.
  • Increased security: Hackers emerge with new ways to steal data all the time. If your system isn’t up to date to ward off these threats, then your data is at risk. Security breaches can cost upwards of millions of dollars as well as customer trust.
  • Improved marketing initiatives: Point of sale systems are not just for ringing up orders anymore. They can be used for inventory purposes, ordering new shipments and locating product details. Software will likely be updated to improve these facets.

Visual Retail Plus understands the importance of making updates in both enhancements and maintenance.

Some recent enhancements that VRP has made include updates to layaway reports, missing lender types and redesigning the module to increase speed and ease of use. VRP has also made improvements in employee communication and catalog information,

In relation to maintenance, problems such as resizing pictures, keeping track of taxes and quantity discounts have been fixed. Although these issues may seem small or insignificant, VRP takes all problems seriously when it comes to their affect on users and customer base.

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