The retail experience is changing, is your point of sale system ready to adapt?

As the customer, technology innovations and the retail industry continue to change, what will it look like a year from now? What about in five years? Although it can be difficult to make a certain prediction, some experts have projected a host of changes that are already occurring and will continue in the future.

These include:

  • Higher customer expectations: According to Forrester’s Top Trends For Customer Service in a 2015 publication, retail stores will continue to use analytics and past purchases to understand their customers. By 2020, customers will be even more informed of these advancements, expecting a more customized, personal experience each shopping trip. With these statistics in mind, retail stores will be able to address customer needs often before they actually arise. As this happens, retail stores must be able to find the balance between enough information and information overload.
  • The importance of human interaction: Although retail and technology are at a stage of convergence, customer service is as important as ever. One survey conducted by Gartner, a technology research firm, found that one-third of all customer service interactions will still require face-to-face human communication. Although this number has dropped from 60 percent in 2014, having an actual person to talk to will still be crucial in future shopping experiences.

As the industry continues to adapt to new technologies infused with old standard expectations, be sure your point of sale system is ready to handle these changes as well.

Visual Retail Plus’s point of sale system has a range of abilities for its users including categorizing inventory, creating purchase orders and checking customers out. With constant updates for better service and numerous features ready to go, Visual Retail Plus can help take your store to the next level.

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