If you are running a successful gift or hobby shop, congratulations, that’s no simple task. It’s a tough business, and we think you deserve to have every tool possible to aid in your success and reduce stress. The job is hard enough without having to deal with a point of sale system that is unreliable, doesn’t integrate with your ecommerce site, or just simply doesn’t support your business.


That’s where we come in. Our POS system has everything you’ll need to grow your business, keep current customers very happy, and make new customers glad they chose you.



One of the most important things in today’s competitive market is to make sure your POS has an integrated customer relationship management system (CMS). A fully-functional CRM will enable you to:

  • Track customer purchases
  • Automate email marketing programs that are unique to each customer’s profile and purchase history.
  • Manage a VIP or customer loyalty program.
  • Keep track of customer preferences like personalizations on engraved items.
  • Use an integrated layaway or “on hold” function.
  • Provide your customers with an easy to use gift registry.


Product Inventory Management

You’ve got ribbons in 18 colors, available in 7 widths, and  made of 12 different fabrics. Your POS has to enable your staff to instantly access that information, including what is in stock, how much is in stock, and when delivery is expected on any back orders. Ideally, you’ll want the ability to add photos of inventory items to your POS system to better serve customers looking for something specific.


What’s on sale? How long is it on sale for? Can a customer use a coupon with the sale item? Do they get special preferences because they are a member of the VIP club? You don’t want your sales associate trying to figure all of this out while a line forms out the back door. Your POS system has to be able to manage all of this data and it must be easy for your team to access the information in a comprehensive, quickly understandable format.

Who manufactured that purple, plum scented candle that you were showing someone last week? That could be a really tough question to answer if your CRM, POS and inventory management systems aren’t working like clockwork and integrated in a way that puts the information you need at your fingertips. Telling someone, “oh, I forgot to write that down when you were here last week,” is no longer an acceptable answer. You need to have the technology to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Make Sure You Get What You Need

There are a lot of POS options these days. Some have nifty and trendy features that, in the long run, may not serve you very well. You need a solution that is both tried-and-true and based on the most up to date technology and best practices.


It is important to make sure that your POS was built with you in mind. If you are considering a system that has 1089 customers, but 1087 of those are restaurants or bars, you may want to keep looking. Not all retail is the same.


Built By Retailers for Retailers

We don’t just think our solutions are the best, we know they are. Our roots are in the retail business. We’ve been there, struggled through the challenges, and built successful businesses. You can depend on Visual Retail Plus technology and on our professional, responsive customer service team to help keep you grow your business.


Give us a call and schedule a demo today. We look forward to hearing from you.