More gift cards are being used in the retail world.

For merchants, paying attention to trends can make or break their business. This doesn’t just refer to having the latest fashion or suddenly hot item on the shelves, but also focusing on what customers want outside of merchandise. Specifically, an important thing to keep an eye on is how customers want to interact when it comes to point of sale computer systems.

Recently, Mad Money’s Jim Cramer spoke about a recent announcement from Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. The executive revealed new partnerships and systems that will address two growing priorities – a significant downturn in traditional pedestrian/consumer traffic when compared to online shopping and the increase in gift and payment cards being given as gifts.

Cramer speculates that this move will signify a larger shift that is emerging in the retail industry.

“Stores that sell commodity products will likely be dinged by this trend, especially those that don’t have an aggressive presence on the Internet,” Cramer said. “Conversely, retailers with a strong online presence should benefit.”

As far as gift cards go, Cramer mentioned that companies could start following in the footsteps of organizations like Starbucks by incorporating mobile devices and loyalty programs into the gift card process.

For all of this to be successful, however, businesses need to make sure they have the right POS software in place to manage the store whether online or brick and mortar. Having an e-commerce website is almost a must today, but without a POS system that has a fully integrated e-commerce solution, the benefits are lost. A retail software solution provider like Visual Retail Plus can help a business improve its operations and implement the latest trends.