More companies need to improve their POS system.

Every retailer is facing the decision of improving their point of sale solution. In many cases, this means organizations are choosing which solutions they need between mobile devices, e-commerce, near field communication chips or trying to find a way to integrating them all together. There are many ways that companies can deploy these solutions, including an advanced POS system and entry-level retail apps. But with so many different options, which of them makes the most sense for companies to invest in?

In a recent guest column from Business Solutions, Dana Bargell, the director of marketing from specialized business solutions, makes the case that the most important technology trends for small and midsized independent retail businesses.

“While not the most trendy, the most important trend is fully integrated payment processing,” Bergell wrote. “For small retailers who already made the switch, the answer is improved card data security — including E2E and EMV-ready terminals that should be included in any new POS installation or upgrade.”

He goes on to say that the reason tablets, the cloud and wearable point of sale systems are not higher on the list is because many people are asking about them without actually knowing what they are and what they do. While retail decision makers may know that these look cool in a business and have benefits, optimizing them requires much more than just buying them off the shelf.

Companies should be looking into POS-integrated payment processing simply because it works more effectively by eliminating the redundancy of traditional, stand alone systems with complete and streamlined operations. Bergell said that he has seen companies that have switched from stand alone to integrated and vice versa. Going from integrated to stand alone never ends well. This is the type of system that many organizations do not realize they need until it is gone.

Companies also need to consider security because it is not just hype. Because of increased public awareness of card data security, organizations are under growing pressure to keep all information safe. This is why organizations are looking into EMV chip-and-card technology and other security solutions to improve overall operations.

Organizations need to start considering point of sale software with inventory reporting to make sure they are able to manage an integrated system. Without the right software solution, any merchant will run into trouble when it comes to bringing all of these solutions into a single system. Please contact Visual Retail Plus today for more information about how much we can benefit your business with our point of sale system. Be sure and ask about our free demo of our software!