Is your point of sale system as effective as it can be?

Your choice of a point of sale system is critical for the security of your business, personal information and the information of your customers.

Built for small – to medium – size retail chains, Visual Retail Plus is the perfect choice for your boutique or family-owned general store. The Visual Retail Plus point of sale system has numerous components for effective and efficient operation.

The “close to real time” mechanism allows users in multiple locations to access the same information and remain in-sync regardless of changing sales and inventory numbers. Even when the internet is down, this system still works. In addition, its “real time” capability allows users to turn features on and off, depending on need of use, without having to restart the program or the computer.

The “Inventory Matrix,” our security-friendly module, allows employees to access different parts of the system with username and password protection. This access can be used to:

  • Categorize inventory
  • Change prices
  • Change and maintain shipping orders
  • Create purchase orders
  • Distribute to stores
  • Receive merchandise

Despite the success of Visual Retail Plus, we are constantly making changes and enhancements to better the experience and security of our users. We adapt our systems based on user feedback, to increase security and protect information.

Visual Retail Plus has no limit to the number of items or locations it can handle. If your business grows, we can also grow with you. Our products has numerous available features including:

  • Communication
  • CRM
  • General
  • Inventory
  • Point of Sale
  • Purchase orders
  • Reporting
  • Security
  • Time and attendance.

Our security is extensive and includes features such as unlimited security levels, permission to access requirements, violation reports and reports of flagged pattern behavior to administrators.

Learn more about our available products, recent malware POS attacks and other information on our website.