A sustainable point of sale system is essential for business success.

Making a major change in your business structure can seem daunting, especially when it comes to smaller companies. A large shift can be time consuming, costly and uprooting, but is most often necessary for better management processes.

“Two main benefits of a point of sale system include accuracy and analytics.”

If your business is still using a cash register or other outdated payment system, now is the time to make a change. Although using a simple cash register may seem like enough for a business, as it collects and tallies money, there are many other essential parts that should be tracked, and can be, using a point of sale system.

According to AllBusiness, two main benefits of a point of sale system include accuracy and analytics.


Simply scanning an item is much easier than having to remember and punch in a price. Entering prices manually can be tricky, especially in terms of human error. If an associate rings in an item at a decreased price, revenue will be lost, whereas an increased price will lead to an uneven cash drawer and a very unhappy customer. This accuracy also goes hand in hand with merchandise preparation. Instead of having an item labeled in two different places with a price, to ensure the price is correct, a scan-based label eliminates employee hours necessary to tag items, as well as any pricing mistakes.


A point of sale system enables retailers to take a better look at their sale margins, future capital and inventory levels. This form of big data, in an easy-to-access and read system, allows retailers to take charge of their store from the backroom to the sales aisles. The Visual Retail Plus system places emphasis on this type of reporting and tracking with features, such as security, purchase order capabilities, inventory support and employee attendance.

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