Apple is creating high-end luxury booths in Paris to sell its new smartwatch

Apple is reportedly creating upscale, luxury sales booths in an exclusive Paris boutique for the sale of its new Apple watches. According to Venture Beat, the company will determine how to sell the watches in the future based on the sales performance in Paris, deciding specifically whether or not to build new brick-and-mortar stores for the exclusive purpose of selling the smart watches.

If the booths are successful, then Apple will most likely create separate retail space for the timepieces, or establish store-within-a-store locations that include a special VIP space for picky customers. The most expensive model of watch is rumored to be priced at $20,000, so it’s no surprise that Apple is changing its marketing and sales tactics to appeal to a more exclusive variety of clientele. This also means that stores will be outfitted with safes and security cameras specifically designed for protecting the higher-end items.

The results of this new endeavor will significantly affect the direction of the company’s sales in the future, so retail analysts are eager to see how the watch will ultimately perform.

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