The holiday shopping numbers have been strong so far.

For retailers, the last few months of the year is the sales Super Bowl. With everyone shopping for the holiday season, sales numbers skyrocket and many companies push to reach sales deadlines. As recent reports indicate, this could be one of the strongest shopping times in years.

A recent article from Retail Customer Experience examined the current holiday shopping numbers and what the rest of the season could hold for the industry. The piece recapped a forecast by retail consultancy eMarketer for sales numbers in November and December.

According to the numbers, retail e-commerce holiday sales in the U.S. are expected to increase 15 percent this year, which will match the level of growth from last year. From a financial standpoint, that puts total sales numbers topping out at $61.8 billion.

Overall sales numbers also increased, surpassing what was projected before the season started. In November, including Black Friday, retail sales jumped 0.7 percent. It is the largest increase in the last five months.

According to a report from USA Today, these increased numbers could be an example of consumers gaining confidence in the economy. Look no further than the fact that last month the unemployment rate fell to a five-year low.

Whether these improved shopping numbers will carry over into the new year is unknown. Regardless, businesses should be looking to upgrade their point of sales systems and reporting solutions to ensure they are able to stay on top of every trend, which a retail solution provider can help with. Contact Visual Retail Plus for more information about our POS system and a free demo of the product.