The potential of the POS system is growing with the right software.

Back in the day, the point of sale system was nothing more than a place to process payments and hold credit cards. However, as technology has expanded, so too has the possibilities of what is possible at the cash register.

A recent article from Convenience Store Decisions examined some ways that businesses have been able to expand the potential of the point of sale system. One of the main points that the article points to is the need for an integrated software solution.

“Increasingly, a good point-of-sale (POS) system must play well with others,” the article reads. “Not only should it integrate well with other software platforms, such as business intelligence software, but it must also be easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to enhance.”

According to an interview with Jenny Bullard, the chief information officer for Georgia-based Flash Foods, with the right standards in place, retailers can create better integration between point of sale solutions, inventory systems and other facets like security and e-commerce.

Gary Taylor, the executive director of the Petroleum Convenience Alliance For Technology Standards (PCATS), who was also interviewed in the article, reiterated that POS equipment is a valuable asset. With the right software, it can become the hub for recording data on sales, costs and inventory. This can all be done in real-time offering businesses are more complete picture of how the organization is doing at any minute.

“It’s just as important to know what items are not selling well as to pinpoint the bestsellers,” Taylor said.

Bullard explained how this works for Flash Foods, which has 172 stores in Georgia and Florida. The company has the ability to create reports at any time that track everything from each credit card transaction to the second a gas pump receipt printers is out of paper. Through an alert system with specific parameters, any suspicious data automatically creates a notification for business owners. This information is also transformed into graphs, charts and other visual aids to make consuming this data easier.

Having a multiple store POS system is not easy, especially as the technology used in these markets is growing. However, by partnering with a retail solution provider like Visual Retail Plus, any company will be able to invest in and deploy a POS platform that will answer all the company needs and provide a support system for any problems that could arise in the future. Please contact us for more information about our POS system and request a demo of our software.