Protect customer data with our mobile point of sale system.

Visual Retail Plus has a range of products available for your company’s point of sale and inventory system.

Our point of sale system for Android allows users to help customers on the sales floor, with the touch of a few buttons, view prices and available inventory. In addition, our POS allows employees to check customers out on the spot without the need for long lines.

In addition, the mobile system:

  • Allows employees to check inventory levels and product availability from anywhere in the store as well as access a short description.
  • Attaches an existing VRP customer to purchased items for inventory and tracking processes.
  • Emails customers their receipts.
  • Processes credit card payments through PaywareConnect with both manual and swiped credit card sale ability.
  • Scans items or enters the UPC from any Android device.

There are many benefits associated with using a mobile point of sale system. Some of these benefits for your store include:

  • Better customer service: There aren’t many things that customers dislike more than long lines. Using a mobile system on regular work days, during the holiday season or annual sale specials can prevent long lines and irritated customers. Maintain the ability to work with a customer from the time he or she enters a store to checkout with a mobile system.
  • Earth sustainability: Paper-free receipts are popular among customers and retailers. Not only does it eliminate waste, it also speeds up the transaction process. In addition, a mobile system allows retailers to obtain email addresses for further advertising promotions and a list of current customers.
  • Increased security: Protect customer information with a mobile system through required PCI guidelines and a secure wireless connection. VRP mobile security includes unlimited security levels, violation reports and pattern behavior threat detection.

To learn more about our available products or how to keep your information safe, visit our website.