As the holiday season gets closer, be sure you’re ready for the customer and payment influx.

As the holiday shopping season begins and continues into the New Year, there are many important things to keep in mind, especially as a store owner.

Keep the following three tips in mind for a profitable, customer-centric shopping experience.

Develop and execute a holiday plan. According to a recent survey noted by Point of Sale, many retailers don’t have a game plan for Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Although these are two of the biggest shopping days of the year, deals and developments should be made all year round, especially during the holiday season. By showcasing sales and deals, stores are more likely to bring in both old and new shoppers.

“At the height of prime shopping season, many small retailers are passing up opportunities to more effectively deploy holiday-focused marketing strategies,” noted Dealstruck Chief Strategy Officer, Candace Klein. “Given the visibility of national shopping holidays, retailers should be more actively looking to expand their sales and take advantage of the holiday season.”

Another factor to keep in mind is security. The holiday season brings many shoppers into a store at one time. It’s imperative to maintain the best security features such as having more employees on the store floor, increasing measures like safety tags and ensuring store cameras are in working order. Be sure the store’s point of sale system is also up to date and ready to service many customers at once. Factors such as inventory and process purchasing are vital during this time.

Finally, be sure the store is appropriately staffed to help the increased number of patrons that may be visiting at once. By cutting down lines and smoothing out the payment process, more profits can be gained.