How secure is your point of sale system?

The security of your point of sale system is one of the most crucial parts of its existence in your store.

The ability for hackers to access your point of sale system is one of the fastest growing ways cyber criminals are able to turn digital attacks into real world profits. By stealing credit card data from a point of sale system, they are able to easily clone information and sell it on the black market.

Some of the most common hacking attempts include infiltrating a secure connection, remote access through a backdoor system and simple phishing attacks, such as those seen in emails.

As the safety of your personal information is at stake, many hope the security of the places where they shop is up to date with the latest upgrades and features. Visual Retail Plus understands these concerns. Our point of sale system is constantly being upgraded for both enhancements and everyday features that improve the daily use of its system for employees.

Keep your system secure with the following three tips in mind:

  • Check for updates: Even if your system makes automatic updates, knowing what they are is best for understanding why they are being made or what new threats may be out there.
  • Cover all the devices: Updates should be regularly made to all components of the point of sale system, including mobile devices. In addition, never leave a mobile device unattended. Be sure to keep it on an employee at all times, as well as protected by passwords and other encryption.
  • Keep passwords updated and secure: Regularly update passwords used by employees and the system as a whole.

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