Retailers need to invest in omni-channel solutions.

Many retailers face the challenge of branching out and embracing systems that fall outside of the traditional landscape. In the past, companies had to focus on the best ways to get products into the hands of customers, and that involved coupons, sales, advertising and the customer experience. Now, however, merchants also need to take the internet, mobility and social media channels into account.

According to a recent article from Retail Info Systems News, Bed, Bath & Beyond, has announced that it is making substantial investments into omni-channel solutions that will be able to manage all of these systems and provide a seamless customer experience.

Bed, Bath & Beyond CEO Steven Temares told the news source that the decision was made to put the company in the best position to thrive in an evolving landscape and to enhance the business’ value.

“The retailer will move forward with initiatives by adding new functionality and assortment to its selling websites, mobile sites and apps — furthering development work necessary for a new and more robust POS system; continuing deployment of systems and equipment to allow stores to take advantage of new technologies and processes; continuing to strengthen IT, analytics, marketing, and e-commerce groups; and opening an additional distribution facility for both direct to customer and store fulfillment,” the article reads.

Through these investments, the company hopes to improve the customer experience. This will happen by allowing customers to purchase products through multiple platforms including in the store, online or through a mobile device. There is also plans to add in-store pickup and direct mail systems to the business.

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