Keeping track of inventory changes and shipment increases can help build and enhance customer experience.

According to The Point of Sale News, consumer confidence in the security of their personal information is decreasing as malware attacks, personal data losses and spam emails continue to occur.

“Retailers are losing consumer trust for failing to effectively leverage personal data; it’s negatively affecting the customer experience and retailers’ ability to market and sell effectively,” said co-founder and CEO of Boxever Dave O’Flanagan.

A recent survey conducted by Boxever indicates that the needs of consumers are changing just as frequently as these security issues. Researched revealed:

  • Consumers want personalized, timely and contextual offers from retailers but are hesitant to share the personal data needed to accomplish it.
  • 60 percent of 507 consumers surveyed said they want information pertinent to where they are and what they are doing, but don’t want to be tracked.
  • More than 50 percent of consumers have received sale offers that are irrelevant to their needs and preferences.

When spam is received, as noted in the last bullet point, it makes customers less likely to return to an establishment, are less likely to open emails from them in the future and would often unsubscribe from receiving offers in the future as well.

When customer outreach is performed in the right manner, customers are more apt to buy or act on an offer when the offer adds value to something they were already planning on buying, expressed interest in previously or is targeted at what they want in that moment.

A point of sale system can assist with a range of these issues. Visual Retail Plus allows its users to track shopping trends, email and print out coupons according to trends, email blast on special days, etc. In addition, VRP tracks inventory, high-sale items and shipment dates. In addition, our software keeps customer data safe with password identifications, security levels and PCI compliant design.

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