Do you know what consumers want?

It’s simple, or seems to be. Many customers have an “I want it now” mentality, desiring quick checkout experiences, superb service when necessary and ease of access to products they want most.

Most retailers though, according to one study, are struggling to deliver what they want. The study, conducted by HRC Advisory, a leading strategic retail advisory firm, found that 80 percent of retailers are not prepared for the “magnitude of change” required to transform their supply chains into more customer-centric models.

95 percent of retailers said their biggest issue remains in making returns purchased online, which can be as expensive as 30 percent of costs for many. 85 percent noted this issue, especially when they don’t carry the item in store.

In terms of e-commerce investments in general, 60 percent of respondents said they had a future plan to invest further, improving customer experiences and in turn customer experience.

One of the key issues highlighted in this study was a lack of new infrastructure and a reliance on older, outdated systems. By not using the latest point of sale innovations available, such as those of Visual Retail Plus, businesses are doing themselves a great disservice.

Visual Retail Plus has a great range of capabilities in which employee and customer relations can be improved. These include:

  • Inventory tracking such as barcode tag designing, price management and remote store inventory lookup.
  • Time and attendance logins for clerks and other associates, time commission reports and time card maintenance.
  • Security including PCI compliance, override password capabilities and creation of violation reports.

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