Increasing sales is something that all businesses want to do, especially in the retail world. In the last couple of blog posts we’ve talked about the holiday season and how you can increase foot traffic and prepare, but today we’re going to talk about a few of the promotions that you can offer year-round that can help boost your sales.

The team at Visual Retail Plus have worked for all types of businesses and have seen firsthand what types of promotions can help drive people into your store. Keep reading today’s blog to see what kinds of promotions you should consider investing in your retail businesses this year.

Product Markdowns

Routine sales and product markdowns are a great way to drive people into the store and boost their excitement levels about spending money. Whether it’s a product that you know is popular with the crowds or it’s an entire section of your store, markdowns give people an opportunity to go shopping while saving a little bit of money in the process. At least, the goal is to save a little bit of money.

When there are markdowns in a store, people are more likely to purchase more items because they feel like they’re saving money in purchasing them at a discounted price. However, when multiple discounts are happening across the board, you wind up bringing in more. Invite people to spend money in your store by spreading the word of any markdowns and sales that are happening.

Loyalty Programs

As a business, it’s extremely important that you recognize the value of the customers that continue to shop at your store. One of the ways that you can ensure that they feel valued each time that they shop at your store is by offering a loyalty program that they can benefit from when they make purchases.

When you’re finishing the transaction process with your customers, take some time to ask them for their email address or phone number. From there you can send them invitations to shop sales early, attend events, take advantage of discounts, send them seasonal gifts, and more.

The moment that someone says that they’re interested in joining your loyalty program, you know that this is an individual that’s going to continue to bring business to your store, so it’s justifiable to spend a little extra money to ensure that they enjoy their experience.

Host Events

Getting creative with how you provide discounts doesn’t have to be difficult. A fun way that we’ve seen businesses incorporate sales in their store is hosting events where customers who are a part of the loyalty program can shop.

So, for example, let’s say that there is a huge sale that your store is going to be hosting. With the list of customers that are a part of the loyalty program, send out an invitation for them to come in the night before. Get the event catered and offer beverages to the shoppers. Making the sale an event for these individuals to attend makes it all the more special and can help you boost your sales. Aside from that, hosting events for loyalty customers is a great way to build your loyalty program up.

A couple of other reasons to host an event would be an anniversary surrounding your opening day or a holiday that’s coming up. Anniversaries are a great reason to offer unique sales and promotions or stock up on unique inventory. Holidays are also a fun time to decorate your store accordingly and display merchandise that boasts of the holiday season. These are both events that you could host that would draw in a crowd and help boost your sales.

Offer Samples

Getting a taste of a product and the quality that it offers is a great way to entice customers to purchase it later on. One of the ways that you can give customers an idea of what they’re purchasing is by offering free samples to customers. This can be done by simply walking in and having samples of products available or by including free samples in the bags of the customers when they check out.

Providing your customers with a sample of what they could be purchasing is one of the ways that you can boost your sales because it allows customers to feel confident in what they’ll be leaving with. Whether it’s a brand that people aren’t familiar with, scents that people might want to get a whiff of, or a product that you’re considering stocking up on regularly, there are so many ways that you can use samples to your advantage.

From boosting sales in certain products to helping you determine which products could be a hit down the road, use these samples to your advantage! Now, this point that we’re going to cover is going to vary from business to business, but you can always take advantage of the idea and find a way to incorporate it in your specific business.

Well Done Window Display

While it’s not necessarily a promotion, the display showcased in your window is going to be equally as important to drawing in customers and boosting sales. This is one of the first impressions that customers, new and old, are going to get of your store so you better make it a good one. From the gorgeous products that you have to offer to the current promotions that are going on in your store, your window display should give customers that are walking by a reason to stop in.

As inventory switches out and promotions change, your window display should as well. Having a fresh and intriguing design is what will catch eyes and draw attention to your store.

Leverage Displays

While we’re talking about displays, it’s important to touch on the effect that a leverage display can have when done well. If you’re not entirely sure what it is, a leverage display is a display within your store that leverages certain items or promotions and puts them in a place where people are going to take note of them and are more likely to purchase them.

Having quality displays throughout your store will ensure that the customers that stop in to shop are exposed to all of the products and promotions that you’re trying to push. If you spend enough time designing these types of displays, you will see how beneficial they can be and how people will pick these items up and take advantage of the discounts on their way to check out.

Try Visual Retail Plus

Drawing people into your store is a challenge, and it’s one that all business owners experience and struggle with on a routine basis. In order for your business to succeed, you need to get creative and step outside of your comfort zone. Our team truly wants to be a part of your journey to success and help by building confidence and sparking creativity.

The points that we’ve listed above are great ways to boost your sales in the coming year. Thinking outside of the box and getting creative with your approach can provide you with an edge to your competitors and how they’re attracting customers. The team at Visual Retail Plus hopes to provide you with the ideas and information that you need to become successful as a retail business, but we like to start with your POS system.

Visual Retail Plus is a POS system designed for retail businesses by individuals who have owned retail businesses. We’ve determined what the needs of retail business owners are and have created a software that speaks to them. If you’re interested in enhancing the software that your team is using and working through the kinks of day-to-day tasks, contact our team. We’ll provide you with a demo of the Visual Retail Plus software and get you taken care of!