The ability to connect POS systems is increasingly important.

Retailers have access to a number of different technological innovations and systems that can be used to improve overall operations. Just scratching the surface of the options are services like e-commerce, near field communication chip technology and mobile devices.

A recent article from ZDNet features an interview with Vaughan Rowsell, an executive in the POS industry. The conversation focused mainly on the use of cloud POS equipment and services, but there were other topics.

When discussing the benefits of cloud computing, Rowsell spoke about the ability to integrate multiple systems. This includes the ability to connect e-commerce systems with sales and inventory reporting for one or multiple stores.

With more ways to sell products, keeping all company information safe is critical. Imagine if your business had three physical stores and an e-commerce system, but they were not connected in real-time. This means inventory levels and sales figures are incomplete and major negative ramifications can result.

“Being fully online means it is a sinch to integrate your store inventory with your online e-commerce stores,” Rowsell said. “You can automatically feed all your sales numbers into your online accounting application. You can plug in additional reporting applications. It is all online and really easy to connect.”

The cloud is not the only way to do this, as the right POS software solution can have the same effect. By partnering with a retail solution provider like Visual Retail Plus, that specializes in point of sale retail software, retailers can start taking the steps toward connecting various systems.