The payment landscape continues to change for customers.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. What does this mean for your business in terms of a point of sale system?

The date to comply with the EMV security change has passed, as it was October 1, and the liability has now shifted to businesses that have not or don’t plan to make the change. By making the chip encrypted change, transactions are more secure for both business owners and consumers.

Although this EMV change is happening in physical stores, it will not take place for online mediums. Shoppers should keep this in mind, as many experts believe that online shopping fraud will increase as malware attacks and other forms of hacking decrease in stores.

Regarding security, it is important to keep the following tips in mind even with the EMV change accomplished:

  • Avoid using the internet on point of sale system: Although this may not be possible for some point of sale users, not using the internet can strengthen the security of the system. Often, malware attacks and other illegal schemes are completed through backdoor Trojans and internet-related viruses. By not using the internet, your POS system has one extra layer of protection.
  • Update passwords regularly: Each different layer of protection used by Visual Retail Plus is protected by password encryption and changes. By keeping these passwords updated and private, your system will be able to maintain its security in a more efficient manner.
  • Use an effective point of sale system: By investing in an effective point of sale system with a range of functions not just related to security, such as purchase orders, inventory, reporting and employee communication, your business will be able to handle anything that may occur on a daily basis.

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