Online shopping is increasing the need for proper inventory management solutions.

There is an interesting trend developing within the retail landscape, as more organizations are looking for ways to stand out from their competition. First, it was the push for an e-commerce solution and now having a strong delivery service is required to create quick turnaround times when it comes to online shopping.

While some companies like Amazon and Google are experimenting with services like same-day delivery, the real challenge here is transparency and inventory control.

A recent article in Business 2 Community examined several of the different ways that companies are looking to embrace this kind of solution. Because of the immediacy of our world, more consumers have moved past the point where waiting two or three days for a product to be delivered is acceptable. Making matters worse, shoppers are also looking for greater control when it comes to inventory inquiries.

What this requires is visibility within a company because a customer calling to ask about the stock levels of a product does not want to be put on hold while an employee has to ask co-workers or call neighboring stores.

“Visibility of network-wide inventory, including stores, and treating all available stock as a single inventory pool allows retailers to implement a single, cohesive, fulfillment strategy that serves all channels,” the article reads. “This will match supply to demand in the fastest and most profitable way.”

This highlights the need for a proper point of sale and inventory system that is integrated with the e-commerce platform. By bringing all of these systems under one roof, companies can improve their ability to manage inventory and answer customer questions. With the Visual Retail Plus suite of software you can always be sure that you are connecting with your customers. Contact us today for a free demo and more information about our services.