Businesses need to integrate e-commerce solutions.

There are some people out there who want to claim in-store shopping is dead. With the advances in internet connectivity and mobile devices, a larger number of customers have access to online shopping. If you look at some of the sales numbers and consumer preferences, it is easy to see why that could be the case.

According to a recent article from Mobile Commerce Channel, 79 percent of consumers are going to be spending more money during this holiday season than they did last year. However, 80 percent of shoppers will be making those purchases through “the most resourceful channel,” which is online.

“All these surveys and reports point in one direction, shift in shopping methods of consumers all around the world,” the article reads.

It is clear that e-commerce can’t be ignored by merchants. However, they should not be afraid of it killing their physical store. Instead it should be used as a companion. There are always going to be consumers who prefer to shop in store and like to get their hands on products before they shell out the money to buy them.

There are a few steps that companies should take to optimize e-commerce, and they do not all pertain to the look and functionality of the website. Businesses need to optimize e-commerce solutions and ensure they are integrated with any inventory and sales system. This will make it much easier for organizations to keep track of all products on hand and provide quality customer service, whether in store or online. Please contact us for more information about our POS system for small business and instructions about how to download our free demo!