Retail technology is pushing companies into the new age.

Technology is impacting every business platform out there, and soon companies that are not aware of the importance of an omni-channel format will be in trouble. Organizations are being inundated with the latest technologies but there is a struggle when it comes to successfully incorporating them with existing systems to make a single platform.

A recent blog post from IMS Results covered how the retail world has changed because of the impact of technology systems like e-commerce and mobile devices.

“In every single country I have visited this past year, online shopping and sales are growing … dramatically! The net take away for bricks and mortar stores is that it is virtually impossible to compete with the internet on just price,” the article reads. “E-commerce is literally built upon the latest software platforms and systems. In order to compete, retail stores must invest in technology that provides business intelligence on how to differentiate consumer experience. ”

The piece goes on to say that the omni-channel format is the new normal for retail and companies need to start taking notice. Not only is technology changing, but there has been a boom in the field of retail software and analytics. Brick-and-mortars need to be aware of the software options and what they can do if they want to be successful. Businesses will be able to not only gather more data, but gain better insights from it.

The right retail software system is critical for any business looking to implement technology systems like e-commerce or mobile devices, while maintaining effective reporting and inventory numbers. A POS with fully integrated ecommerce solution can become a valuable resource for any organization. Choose Visual Retail Plus for your point of sale system with simple ecom integration. Contact us today for more information about our software and to experience our free demo.