How secure is your business data?

Taking the time to protect your personal information is a vital part of overall security and financial wellbeing. By knowing exactly who you’re sharing information with, storing and disposing of information securely, asking questions before sharing information and maintaining safety in terms of electronic devices, personal information can be kept secure.

Employee training is one of the most important facets of security in the workplace. According to a study conducted by UL Workplace Health & Safety, a provider of workplace health and safety solutions, 31 percent of all data breaches are caused by employee negligence. In addition, 54 percent of all organizations don’t offer cyber security training to new employees.

More than 500 million records of personal information are stolen each year, with 44 percent occurring due to criminal activity, costing organizations an average of $3.8 million each time.

“Building awareness, engaging employees, and driving cultural discipline are fundamental components of a good cyber security program. Cyber security is an enormous issue for private and public entities in all industries…” said Mark Ward, General Manager of UL Workplace Health & Safety.

How can your business protect the data of its customers and employees?

  • Be sure connections are always secure: By relaying information over an insecure format, private information might as well just be handed to hackers.
  • Effective point of sale software: Trusting a point of sale system to protect information is easy when it’s the right one. Visual Retail Plus has a range of capabilities in terms of protection including PCI compliance, violation reports and unlimited security levels.
  • Employee training: By training workers to be on the lookout for security violations or changes, your information can be more adequately protected.

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