Visual Retail Plus now offers Cloud Reporting software that will increase accessibility and efficiency for business owners.

Visual Retail Plus now offers a platform-independent Cloud Reporting system that allows business owners to interact with their point of sale systems from remote computers and mobile devices. The module provides access to real-time data so store managers are never in the dark when it comes to numbers and statistics that might affect their decision-making process.

Cloud Reporting Offers Unrivaled Flexibility and Accessibility

It is crucial for small business owners to have access to their sales and inventory logs at all times, and Cloud Reporting allows for this flexibility without compromising accuracy or security. Cloud Reporting also offers up-do-date recommendations for transfers, markups and purchase orders with the utmost efficiency. The new system does not require additional software, and offers extensive IT support online, over the phone and through email. The latest cloud computing innovations complement VRP’s point of sale software solutions to create a central point from which any business can be run with ease.

VRP software has the ability to filter sales data through a number of categories such as cash register, date of transaction, cashier and tender type. Detailed receipts, employee attendance information, cost and profit summaries and inventory updates are also available. In order to successfully identify problems and opportunities, business managers must have the appropriate data at their fingertips. This software allows for quick and remote-access analysis of all relevant company information.

Ramsey Outdoors, a client of VRP, confirms the extent to which the software works, saying, “One of the best things about this software is the number of reports you can run. You can analyze sales and inventory data in so many ways. It helps you become much more efficient at controlling your inventory. And if you think of a report that doesn’t already exist, Visual Retail Plus allows you to write your own query to get the specific data you want.The customer service team is great. You feel like you have a real, personal relationship with them, and they’re always there to help you whether it’s an emergency or a quick training lesson.”