Shopping in a store is something that will not end.

For as much hype as the internet gets when it comes to its influence on the shopping industry, it is important to note that the physical brick-and-mortar store is not going anywhere. While e-commerce is growing in popularity, there are things that consumers can only experience when in a store.

A recent article from Business 2 Community examined several different reasons why shopping in a store will never go away.

“For every shopper that sings the merits of online shopping, there’s the customer that would rather spend money at local retail shops. But why? asks the online shopper,” the article reads. “Don’t you like dragging items into a digital cart while wearing pajamas instead of, say, trying to wrangle a shopping cart through a brick-and-mortar store on a Saturday morning? About trying to find a decent parking space? To this the in-store shopper says: I still love shopping in the store much better than online.”

The article goes on to cover several different reasons why shopping in a physical store has a draw. The first is that shopping is a visceral experience and many enjoy the ability to smell, hear and touch products before they buy them.

On top of that there is the instant gratification, lack of shipping hassle and knowing what you are getting that goes along with the social aspect of going out to the mall, walking around and shopping.

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