Transaction Sales

The most basic feature that any point of sale system can do is make and record transactions at your store. The POS is responsible for ringing up items, either by barcode scanning or manually, displaying stored information about the item including its price, and completing a sale with payment provided by the customer.


Easily accept returns from customers with our point of sale system. Scan barcodes from returned items, similar to completing a regular transaction. With our software, money can be returned to customers in cash, put back on their credit or debit card, or in the form of store credit under their customer account.


Add discounts to individuals items or entire transactions with our POS software. The discount amount can be applied as a dollar amount, a percentage, or even an item quantity. Even the price can be altered lower or higher if needed. Discounts can be set up and planned based on date, so that business owners can set up in-store specials, for example a buy one get one half off day.

Gift Cards

With our point of sale software, we have made it simple to integrate gift cards into your business. We have even included a gift certificate designer so that if you don’t already have gift cards with barcodes for your business, you can create digital or physical certificates instead.

Receipt Printing and Customization

Prepare the perfect receipts to give your customers after their transactions are completed. Add custom fields such as your business’s name, location, and logo to the top or bottom of the receipt. Include receipt numbers as you see fit. You can even have the receipt printed with different preset policies based on your business and the transaction type including sale, layaway, and return. Print gift receipts that replace the item’s price. Notes can be added onto the receipt through our POS software either during or after a sale, just in case you need to write in something specific to the transaction. You even have the option to email receipts to customers instead of printing them out. There is a lot to customize receipt-wise with our software. Receipt printers are not included and must be purchased separately.

Frequent Shopper Points And Discounts

Set up a frequent shopper point system to give discounts to your loyal customers. Used alongside customer accounts, these frequent shopper points can be customized and distributed in any way that makes sense to you and your business.

Price Lookup

We’ve made it easy to look up the price of an item in our POS software. Search by SKU, vendor, group, product category, style, size, color — or any other criteria you can think of. This is very useful for those times when a customer brings an item up to the register without a price tag, or to see if an item got missed during price markdowns.

Cash Drawer Reconciliation

Our point of sale system can reconcile your cash drawer at the end of the night. This is useful for keeping copies of daily sales logs and counting the cash drawer at the end of the night.

Multi-Tender Types

Allow your customers to pay with different tender types when they check out at your retail store. Paying partially with cash and card is simple with our point of sale software. We’ve even included the capability to pay in foreign currency, if that’s necessary for your business.

Tax Exempt and Tax By Location

Our point of sale software has the capability for applying tax exemption to specific transactions. It is also possible to override pre-set tax percentages so that taxes can be specified by location, if needed. This is helpful when completing online or ship-to-home orders in store if the customer lives outside of the store’s tax area.

Suspend and Resume Transactions

All transactions on our POS system can be suspended or held if the customer starts to check out but decides they are not ready to complete the transaction yet. Once they are ready, the transaction can be resumed and completed. There’s no limit to the number of transactions that can be suspended at one time

Emergency Offline Register Operation

If something goes wrong in your store and your internet or the power goes out, don’t worry about your register not operating. Some POS systems don’t offer offline register operation. Those stores have to handwrite each transaction if their register goes offline. We have fixed that problem for you so you don’t have to worry if you have Visual Retail Plus’s POS system at your store.

Utilize Store Credit

Offer your customers a line of store credit if they return an item outside of your return policy. Store credit is a great way to have customers come back and make new purchases if they end up returning an item. You will need to create an account for them, but account credentials are customized by the business owner. Customers will also be able to look up how much store credit they have in their account by visiting a register and asking a cashier to view their account.