The way customers shop is continuing to change.

The emergence of point of sale computer systems has changed the way retailers and shoppers interact. Point of sale systems, such as Visual Retail Plus allow for multi-store management solutions in terms of customer satisfaction, stock management and security.

There are many known benefits of POS systems. Read through the following three benefits of these systems and consider making a new change or update today.

  • Advancement of technology: Customers expect to have a seamless shopping experience in regards to both technology and product. A POS with mobile capabilities allow customers to check out from anywhere in the store, have access to product information and overall better engagement with employees.
  • Familiarity with staff: The retail industry is made up of the youngest demographic of employees, said a recent Aspen Institute study. Many of these workers are  accustomed to using the latest technology in their personal lives, and a continuation of an up-to-date POS system at work will display a business’s willingness to adapt to the latest technology, creating a sense of familiarity within day-to-day employee tasks.
  • Tracking serious revenue losses: According to a recent study conducted by the National Retail Foundation, U.S. retailers lose $224 billion due to overstocked inventory each year. In addition, they lose $45 billion from not having items in stock. With over $269 billion worth of losses, a business can quickly lose their status among both their customers and competitors. Being on top of inventory orders and shortfalls is essential for a retail business.

The benefits of a secure, interactive POS system are endless. Learn more about Visual Retail Plus POS features, communication and reporting capabilities on our website.