How secure is your point of sale system?

Choosing the right POS system is one of the most important parts of a successful business. As there are many different types of POS systems to choose from, how can your business be sure it is using the right one?

Keep the following three things in mind when choosing a POS system.

  • Employee management: POS systems such as Visual Retail Plus allow users to track time and attendance of employees. In addition, VRP can also help track commission and hours on the same sheet, keeping all information easily accessible in one place. This is helpful when pay day comes around and helps ensure no money is lost each payment period.
  • Inventory capabilities: An efficient POS system, is capable of streamlining inventory procedures. Keeping an electronic, accurate record of inventory allows workers to avoid loss of product, as well as minimize damage or misplacement. VRP allows employees to track product by size, width, color and inseam, allowing for more accurate inventory tracking as well.
  • Security: The security of business, customer and employee information is crucial to reach success. As breaches continue to be reported in the news and with data stolen every day, it’s important to make sure your information is secure. Any business that accepts credit card payments should either be PCI compliant or should have an integration to a PCI compliant gateway. VRP has a range of security features including limited transaction performances based on employees, unlimited security levels, creation of violation reports and permission access requests on every level of use.

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