Great customer satisfaction can increase sales and overall business revenue.

Although customer satisfaction is one the most important pieces of a business, it can become lost in the shuffle of daily expectations and interactions.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, overall U.S. customer satisfaction has dropped for the fifth consecutive quarter, highlighting a real need for change in the service industry.

Keep the following three tips in mind for better customer satisfaction and experience:

  • Be welcoming: A customer is more likely to engage an employee for help or suggestions when the employee is friendly and ready to help. Something as simple as a smile or brief eye contact lets customers know your available, without feeling as if their being hovered over.
  • Go the extra mile: It’s okay if you don’t know the answer to a question, but it’s not okay to just state ‘I don’t know.” Let the customer know that you’re not the right person to ask, or that you’re not sure, but are more than willing to ask someone else to find out. Customers expect their questions or concerns to be answered in an appropriate time period and manner.
  • Listen: Allow the customer to finish asking a question or stating a concern before trying to help. Interjecting may make them feel as if you’re not interested in what they need or are unable to offer assistance. Active listening also ensures that an employees understands the issue completely before taking action.

Another part of a customer experience that is just as important as service is a point of sale system. An efficient system, such as Visual Retail Plus, enables employees to stock inventory, protect personal information and decrease checkout waiting times.

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