Is your point of sale system as secure as it can be?

It is important to remember the point of sale system in your retail store is often the last line of security standing between the personal information of your customers and hackers.

As society continues to focus more heavily on technology advancements, be sure security is still the number one factor when deciding on an effective point of sale system.

Keep the following four tips in mind for maximum peace of mind:

  • Be aware of all possible threats: Stay up to date on the latest malware hacks (software) or credit card skimmers (hardware). As technology continues to change, so do the threats against it. In addition, only run safe or known programs on your point of sale system.
  • Consider turning off remote access: Even if it seems like a good idea to give access to your system to IT professionals or administrators, consider only allowing access from the physical terminal itself. If left unsecured, this type of remote access may leave your system open to hackers.
  • Run security checks and software updates: Although this may seem obvious, failure to make software updates can leave your system at risk. Visual Retail Plus is constantly updating its system to make it the best, more secure line of defense for users. Implementing these changes is essential for complete control over the system.
  • Use strong passwords: Password encryption is only as strong as the password itself. Be sure to use a combination of letters and numbers so it is hard to guess. Refrain from giving out passwords to workers who don’t need to access certain information.

Visual Retail Plus has a comprehensive, secure point of sale system. Visit our website to learn more.