Crate and Barrel is experimenting with a new in-store tablet shopping program.

Houseware retailer Crate and Barrel is the one of the latest stores to experiment with an omnichannel marketing program. Retail Dive reports that the company will launch a single-store pilot program in which customers will be able to carry around a store-provided tablet while they shop.

The tablet, called the “Mobile Tote,” can be used to scan barcodes and provide more information on any product in the store. Customers can then save the items they scanned and add them to a wish list. They will then have the opportunity to either purchase the items in store through a special checkout process, in which a sales associate will gather all of the items for them. Alternatively, customers could email the list to themselves and purchase the items online at their convenience.

“Customers will be able to carry around a store-provided tablet while they shop.”

“Anything that makes shopping with the brand easier we want to do,” says Joan King, VP of e-commerce for Crate and Barrel, told DMNews.

So far, since implementing the program, Crate and Barrel has seen the rate of in-store checkouts increase by nearly five times. Email sign-ups have also increased.

Soon, it won’t matter whether shoppers make their purchases in the store itself or online – as long as they buy from Crate and Barrel. An onmichannel marketing strategy recognizes that consumers want maximum flexibility when they shop these days. But rather than let everyone take their business to all-online retailers like Amazon, brick and mortar stores have found new point of sale systems to keep customers engaged and excited to shop in person.

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