What do shoppers expect during their experience in your store?

If your point of sale system is outdated even by a few years your customers have probably noticed, and they’re not too happy about it.

A recent study conducted by RSR Research, a retail industry research firm, and sponsored by NetSuite, a cloud-based financial company, found that retailers are still struggling to bridge the gap between in-store and online experiences.

The study found that a majority of retailers feel their existing technology is preventing them from moving forward with their sales and overall growth. They also noted a struggle in obtaining new technologies in stores as well as helping employees remain informed of smartphone-enabled shoppers and their desires.

Other findings include:

  • 95 percent of retailers agree that the store and digital experience must be united for a continuous, seamless experience.
  • 77 percent of retailers believe their legacy point of sale system is preventing them from providing consistent customer care across channels.
  • 78 percent said obtaining new technologies in stores is a top challenge.
  • 94 percent of retailers indicated that inventory insight across channels remains an important aspect of the experience as a whole.
  • 95 percent of retailers say real-time visibility into customer activity across channels is also essential.

“When it comes to how to support the convergence of digital and the full shopping journey, retailers are stuck – waiting for something better to come along than the disparate systems they have,” said Steve Rowan, managing partner of RSR Research and an author of the report. “The reality is there are options out there, but even better-performing retailers are cautious in approaching them, fearing both the cost and the pain of making the change.”

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