How do your employees communicate best?

Employee communication is an essential part of a point of sale system. If communication is not as effective as it can be, work practices and customer satisfaction will decrease, impacting overall business and revenue.

What are some of the features businesses should use in a point of sale system for communication?

  • Store polling: By using real time polling, each store is able to relay products that it may need or changes that are necessary to keep the store running at full speed. If polling is required, other store functions shouldn’t have to be put on the backburner, as a point of sale system should be able to complete more than one task at a time.
  • Syncing of multiple store locations: If your business has multiple locations, the information that is recorded should be able to be accessed by all of them. Through this medium, electronic messaging can also be completed.
  • Time card maintenance: If your business is big or small, it’s often best to have a digital copy of employees clocking in and out. Using biometric capabilities or traditional logins, employers are able to track employees with ease.

If your business is deciding on a change in terms of communication, keep the following three tips in mind:

  • Ask employees what they need: Your sales force is the entity that works the closest with products. Determine their needs and make a change from there.
  • Be consistent in communication: Once lines of communication are opened, be sure they remain clear and easily accessible.
  • Involve all employees: When making a change, be sure all employees are aware of the outcomes and can find pertinent information when necessary.

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