Business and marketing have evolved incredibly over the past several decades. Even in just the past few years, the shifts that have occurred are dramatic. Many of the people reading this probably lived in a time where advertising was limited to television, newspapers, and radios. Social media was once nonexistent, as hard as it is to imagine now!

As an even more recent development in the world of advertising and marketing, we see more and more businesses are turning to mobile phone marketing. Smartphones in particular continue to experience skyrocketing sales, which make them a natural choice for newer marketing ventures, as well as new marketing venues.

At Visual Retail Plus, we offer premier retail POS software that can help you stay current with the growing trends in utilizing mobile phones as a business strategy. Read on for an analysis on how smartphone technology is changing the marketing game, and get in touch with Visual Retail Plus to find the perfect management software you need!

Mobile Phone Business Strategies: The Consumer End

In the growing digital age, personal connections as a whole continue to be less frequent, at least in the physical sense. Anyone who grew up before the age of the cell phone knows that modes of communication have changed drastically over the years. Text messages and emails often serve as quick replacements for phone calls and face-to-face interactions, and this has completely changed how personal connections are formed, as well as how they take place.

While it’s true that personal connections have changed, they still remain as relevant and necessary as ever. This is especially the case for marketing in our world of technology, and more importantly, smartphones. As we mentioned in a previous blog, an article from Forbes stated that “60-80% of customers who describe themselves as satisfied do not go back to do more business with the company that initially satisfied them.” The article goes on to explain that this is due to a lack of connection. The way in which we respond to this is to utilize mobile phone technology to build up better connections.

The research shows that text messaging is an ideal way to advance personal connections, and improve business and marketing in the process. Here are some interesting facts to back up why shifting to smartphones is ideal, as compiled in an article on the importance of existing clientele:

  • Nearly 65 percent of Americans prefer getting customer support via text message (Harris Research, 2014). If you have the platform to meet your customer’s needs and desires, you will have a better chance of keeping them. The last thing you want to do is inundate a client with messages of any sort, but knowing that the majority of customers prefer to receive texts as a form of customer support is an excellent method to keep them satisfied.
  • The read rate of text messages is far higher than that of any other medium. This pretty much speaks for itself. You need to reach out to customers, you want to make that connection, and text messaging is the vehicle that will take you there.
  • Text messages don’t go into junk mail. We’ve all had an email that has ended up in junk mail, despite not belonging there. Email filters make it easy for your messages to not always get read. Even if a customer doesn’t change a filter setting for your company emails, formulas in email servers often sort messages on their own.
  • Over 95 percent of all text messages, all around the world, are opened and read within two minutes. Talk about a staggering statistic. If you have an almost 100 percent chance of making a connection with a client—and under five minutes at that—you would be crazy not to take advantage of using cell phones.

An important note is to not use text messaging to try to sell your product. Focus on making a personal connection first and foremost. If the customer feels that connection, they will reciprocate on their own accord. Especially with existing customers, work less at trying to sell your business and work more at recognizing their loyalty.

Own a chiropractic clinic? Text a client a personal message asking if their back is feeling better. Work at an auto shop? Message to see if their car is working better. No matter what you do, ensure that you are being genuine and personal—use their first name, for example. People can easily tell if a message is mass-generated or if it’s a direct line from another person. As mentioned previously, make sure you’re not inundating anyone with messages. Just a quick note every now and then, over an extended period of time, can make all the difference.

Mobile Phone Business Strategies: The Business End

While the consumer portion of business strategies delves into strategies that directly impact the customer, the business portion focuses on strategies that directly affect business owners. With the right technology and software, you can access practically anything you need, right from your smartphone. Visual Retail Plus’ cloud software provides a vast amount of information that can be found quickly, and at your own convenience. Gone are the days of record books, and even having to log onto a computer in a back room, away from the customers. Checking a mobile device for the business information you need allows you the capacity of having more face time (virtual included) with your customers.

The time that was once spent on pulling up, downloading, or printing data and other information can now be allotted to the people who want your business. If you’d rather have the opportunity to pour more of your energy into generating leads and keeping clients happy, take a look at what Visual Retail Plus cloud software can do for you:

  • Summaries: Access any number of summary options, in whichever way you please, in however you’d like your data organized. Easily peruse an end-of-day summary, a summary based on location (convenient if you have more than one store), or a summary based on a specific date range, to name a few options.
  • Data Collection: From your smartphone, you can view data collections on a wide variety of topics. Check profit trends, detailed sales reports, employee attendance, and more, all from your phone! Imagine how much time can be saved just from working with a mobile device.
  • Check Inventory: You read it right, with Visual Retail Plus’ cloud reporting software, you can not only see product inventory, but also when your quantities are low. The efficiency practically speaks for itself.
  • Customer Information: Detailed receipts will be great not only for your own cloud records, but also for customers in need of additional support for their own records.

While all of these benefits from the Visual Retail Plus cloud software program work incredibly well with a mobile or smartphone, an added bonus exists in the fact that this can be accessed on more than one device. IPads, iPhones, Androids, and computers can have all of this software, making business information more relevant and accessible than ever.

Ultimately, mobile phone business strategies are excellent for creating personal connections for clients, as well as offer an excellent way to ease the data and inventory processes for business owners. Invest in Visual Retail Plus to help not only your customer relations grow, but your business as well. Contact us to schedule a demo today!