Is your POS system secure?

A recent Undercover Boss episode featuring Rocket Fizz, the largest candy and soda franchisor in the U.S., highlighted the growing need for updated, secure point of sale systems in retail.

With more than $35 million in annual revenue and a long-term goal of over 1,000 locations across the U.S., company CEO and founder Robert Powells went undercover to discover helpful changes the candy shop needed to undergo.

One of the major needs for change highlighted in the episode was the store’s nearly archaic point of sale system. Weighed down by too many buttons and non-alphabetized paper inventory, the CEO realized more could be done to enhance both company, worker and customer experience.

“It was just cumbersome and not working. They were spending so much time with inventory and trying to manage [so many products],” he said.

An out of date inventory system can hinder store sales, customer experience and employee happiness. It can also leave your business open to nasty security breaches.

According to Symantec, 11 percent of all security breaches occur in retail stores. In addition, the amount of times sensitive financial data was exposed during these breaches increased to 36 percent in 2014. The retail sector was the cause of almost 60 percent of all the identity security breaches as well.

How can your retail store protect company and customer data?

Invest in a point of sale system, such as Visual retail Plus, that can handle inventory tasks, tracks pattern behavior and requires passwords. In addition:

  • Always remain aware, even one lax day of security can lead to a breach.
  • Monitor who has access to secure information, especially customer data and trade secrets.
  • Use a secure, encrypted WiFi connection for internet use.
  • Understand what information is most desirable for hackers and secure it through a range of means.

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