Sony is the latest specialty seller to embrace the experiential retail trend.

Sony is the latest specialty seller to embrace the experiential retail trend, according to Crain’s New York Business. On Thurs. Aug. 4, the electronics retailer hosted a grand-opening celebration for Sony Square NYC, its new product-free flagship store at 25 Madison Avenue in Manhattan. The space, which occupies the same building as Sony’s new east coast headquarters, features eight separate cinema projectors for film showings and includes a living room lounge area equipped with rotating displays and product prototypes, Ad Age reported.

“Sony opened a product-free flagship store at 25 Madison Avenue in Manhattan.”

Kiosks stocked with the latest Sony technology dot the space, giving visitors the opportunity to experience products without having to make a purchasing decision.

“We want to be able to tell our story and drive an emotional connection to our products,” Steven Fuld, vice president of corporate marketing for Sony, explained in an interview with Crain’s New York Business. “This is not just a commercial enterprise. This space is all about being able to touch and see our products and content in action and all that Sony can do.”

Still, consumers who are prepared to buy have the opportunity. Sony Square NYC features a single cash register for such purposes. Additionally, a handful of employees circulate the space, ready to offer information to inquisitive visitors.

Over the last couple years, consumers have forced brick-and-mortar retailers to retool their spaces and offer more holistic in-store experiences, the National Retail Federation reported. Many have answered the call, including Sony competitor Samsung which opened its own experiential electronics boutique in Manhattan’s meatpacking district back in February.

Lexus will soon join the fray as well, New York Business Journal reported. The Japanese automaker plans to open a multipurpose storefront in the city in mid 2017.

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